SEO Keyword Research Services

SEO Keyword Research & Analysis for Organic SEO The overall strategy behind any search marketing campaign, whether for organic SEO or paid search advertising, hinges on cohesive keyword research services. Without intelligent use of keyword research and data, any search marketing effort is essentially aimless. As professional SEO copywriters, we make use of a number of keyword research tools and resources. From Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google’s Keyword Planner, we apply these tools to reveal and pinpoint the ideal keyphrases for organic SEO.

Organic SEO Keyword Research Service

Keyword research is one of the most important activities in the organic SEO process. With thorough investigation of the keyword demand in your market, we can not only discover the most profitable keyphrases to target, but also learn more about your market as a whole. Keyword research for organic SEO also demands an analysis of the competition. Some keywords, although attractive, may be too competitive and saturated to target. This is why we utilize a number of research tools and techniques to reveal the necessary insights to steer a fruitful course of action. In short, we help facilitate all of the elements that contribute to a well-performing organic SEO campaign. The usefulness of keyword research intelligence is invaluable. Investing in professional keyword research services results in actionable data that can help instruct the SEO strategy in the best manner possible. By working with our SEO team, we can help you adapt to changing market conditions, seasonality, search trends and competitive variables. In turn, we can help create and published highly targeted content that users are actively searching.

Keyword Research Analysis for PPC Ads

The overall effectiveness of any Internet marketing campaign hinges on quality keyword research, especially Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Because PPC has a notorious reputation for questionable success, it can feel like a risky and ambiguous investment for many marketers. However there are always techniques and ways to bid carefully and effectively, helping you get the most from your investment. And many of those techniques are associated with and instructed by solid keyword research. As with organic SEO, keyword research for PPC advertising is an essential first step to any successful campaign. Here our copywriters do more than just the initial keyword research, our services extend into other facets of PPC development, including:
  • Researching keyword markets and assessing competitiveness, cost, and other metrics
  • Breaking down keyword lists into granular, highly-targeting ad groups
  • Implementing cost-efficient phrase matches, with emphasis on modified broad match
  • Writing awesome ad copy for banner, display and text ads
  • Split-testing multiple ads and creatives and providing detailed reports and analysis
We offer vast experience in PPC keyword research and campaign development. Our experts have created and managed successful paid search campaigns for large ecommerce stores and multi-local businesses seeking to expand their advertising efforts. We have worked within many sized budgets and built successful campaigns in various online markets. Trust in an experienced team of certified Google Ad experts and creative professionals.