SEO Press Release Writing Services

SEO Press Release Writing Service

At Organic SEO Partners, our press release writing services are tailored to suit a number of objectives. From new product releases, business partnerships, mergers and acquisitions – our team can help craft and distribute your press release so that it gets recognized and indexed. Press releases peaked in 2012 at the onset of the Google Penguin era when sketchy link building schemes were at large. Even ethical SEO companies would employ press releases to help build links. But as such link building practice diminished in efficacy, press releases diminished in popularity, even to the point where brands would solely distribute releases on their blogs.

Why Invest in SEO Press Release Writing Services?

The fact of the matter is, well-written and well-distributed press releases can have a momentous affect on newsworthy situations, like product releases and M&A. And the links, when anchored naturally and appropriately, still offer value for SEO. Moreover, such links can also generate referral traffic directly from the release, helping channel visitors to important pages of your site. We can help maximize the SEO value of content strategies like press release writing and distribution. Most of our editors have over 10 years of digital copywriting experience, in addition to working the SEO and search marketing profession for equally as long. Whether you need ongoing writing support or SEO and distribution services, we provide a custom approach for all clients we serve.

About Our Press Release WritingServices

As part of our approach, our press release writing services are often supported by search trends and keyword insights. While not all press releases will have SEO intentions, we can use such insights to help understand what types of users will find interest in the content. Additionally, in some cases we can schedule the publishing and distribution of releases to help maximize their reach. Whether it press release writing or SEO copywriting, integrity is at the root of everything we do. We go beyond ensuring optimal quality by leveraging different writing styles based on your brand’s tone and its audience. Not only can we help your company produce exceptional content, but we can help make sure it gets discovered and opened.