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5 Signs Your SEO Company Sucks

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Because there is a huge spectrum of SEO companies out there, the spectrum of quality SEO services is vast. That is, some SEO companies are highly effective and do provide a solid ROI; however, most SEO companies completely suck. If you’re curious about how to pinpoint an SEO company that sucks, then this short post is a must-read. Below I define five tell-tale signs that clearly distinguish amateur and avoidable “SEO companies.”

Ignores Social Media

If an SEO company fails to consider LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook in its SEO service programs, they won’t be around for much longer. Social media sites are having a profound impact on search engine rankings. Without a cohesive SEO strategy that includes social media, its success is short-lived.

Neglects Technical SEO

In addition to optimizing content, or front-end SEO, it’s absolutely critical to consider the technical aspects of SEO. Some of the best SEO companies put a high level of focus on aspects like:
  • if the site has any broken links or mishandled redirects
  • whether or not a site makes proper use proper markup language
  • the overall fluidity and lack of HTML coding errors of their clients’ websites
  • whether or not they have complete, error-free sitemaps (both HTML & XML)
  • if a site has duplicate content
And that’s the just the tip of the iceberg with technical SEO.

Still Preaches Content is King

Not to say content isn’t important, but in today’s era of SEO, it’s no long king. Traffic is the new king. You can create content all day, whether on-site or off-site, but if it’s not generating traffic (or rankings that result in traffic,) your efforts are meaningless.

Lacks Quality Copywriting Capabilities

Like I mentioned above, content is indeed important. And any solid SEO company will have a copywriter (or team of copywriters) on staff. Copywriters are key players for SEO in that they massage page copy for keyword relevancy; produce articles, blog posts, and press releases; and help in other aspects the demand a creative writer’s touch (e.g. PPC ad copy.)

Doesn’t Account for Usability & CRO

Some SEO companies will only take responsibility for driving traffic to their clients’ websites. However the best SEO companies will factor in usability and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) into the overall SEO program. These types of companies truly respect the nature of the search marketing profession and truly care about their clients’ investment and overall success.

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