3 Conversion-Driven SEO Copywriting Tips for Ecommerce Sites

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Writing SEO-friendly page copy can be a creative challenge for ecommerce marketers. But it can also be a fun challenge that can certainly give your product and category pages a competitive edge. Because many poorly-optimized ecommerce sites use product manufacturer copy (that’s duplicated across many other related sites,) the SEO value of these site’s pages is substantially weaker. This where the skills of a creative SEO copywriter can have immense value to an ecommerce site. Beyond keyword inclusion, the objective is to scribe inspiring content that motivates users to take action and “add to cart.” SEO Copywriting Tips for Ecommerce Sites In this quick post, we’re going to fire-off a few conversion-driven SEO copywriting tips that are designed to help ecommerce sites realize greater sales (and of course, greater rankings.)

Resonate With Your Copy, Creatively

In the world of search marketing, we love the word “resonate.” As SEO copywriters (in contexts beyond ecommerce,) it’s absolutely paramount that your voice aligns with that of brand. It’s easy to sound to technical, or worse, keyword-y. Equally so, your voice (or writing “tone”) must also resonate with the target user (in which is often parallel to the brand image and voice). A good example of this is the popular online retailer, backcountry.com. The product description copy a popular jacket is not only unique, but it’s engaging and informative. Take a look at the product description copy for backcoutry.com’s Arc’teryx Sidewinder SV Jacket: Conversion Driven SEO Copywriting Tips for Ecommerce Sites Now that’s creative copy! And only 30% of the entire product’s description. Clearly backcountry.com has SEO talent in-house or they’re investing in good SEO and copywriting services.

Stoke The User’s Emotions

You don’t need to be an expert in consumer behavior psychology to understand the emotional appeal that goes into shopping online. You just need to have a bit of empathy and understand the feelings behind a consumer’s purchase. This is often best achieved by asking yourself a few questions:
  • Is the product I am writing for a NEED or a WANT?
  • How does (or will) a consumer identify with the product?
  • Is greater status achieved when the product is acquired?
  • Does the product provide a personal solution?
  • Does owning the product impact an individual’s personality or outlook on life, love, and happiness?
Stoking the emotions takes going deep. But when done successfully, your ecommerce SEO-friendly copy can be the captivating message that translates into more sales.

Portray “The Goods” of Your Products

You can write copy that sounds poetic and beautiful, but if it doesn’t portray the product’s features and benefits (“The Goods,”) then it might not hit home with your target users. This where you need think in terms of an ecommerce product marketer, even if that means keeping your brilliant creativity at bay. Showcasing the product specifications, primary features, and valuable benefits – these are all essential when writing SEO-friendly product copy. Bulleted lists are a great way to achieve this. Additionally, use of tables can make conveying such information a bit more organized and easy to absorb.

Any SEO Copywriting Tips to Share?

Are you savvy SEO copywriting with a few pointers to share? We’d love to hear your input about writing conversion-focused copy for products and ecommerce sites. Let us know in the comments below.

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